Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dusting The Keyboard Cobwebs Off

So Ive been in blog hibernation for more than a hot minute or so, my university tutors pretty much made sure that  the only writing I'd be doing for a while was harvard referenced (bane of my life!). But Hooray passed the 2nd year of my course so onto my 3rd and final year starting sep, this is THE year to get my head down...after one last freshers fortnight blowout of course! would be cheeky not too right? 

I have promised myslf that I will try too post on my recently neglected blog a lot more regulary. Seriously if my blog had been a clownfish it would have done like nemo and hatched its getaway plan out of the dentists office long back. 

And lovely to see I now have a follower YEY! even though it is just you Ben, being my friend you are kinda obliged anyways ;) haha

wir sehen uns bald
(see you soon)....kind of addicted to my new 'teach yourself' language app. 

Sandy xx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

And remember to be truly beautiful….. [Just] BeYou

Not benefits best...

Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara

They're Real! Beyond Mascara

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the hype of this mascara hmm? Don't get me wrong I wanted to love it after hearing so many good things about it, so I went for the plunge and forked out £18.50 (Debenhams) which in my eyes is pretty steep, but suppose that’s benefit for you. I didn’t hate the product just I wasn’t wow'd at all, and compared to my other mascaras (fave being Max Factor Masterpiece Max) it just doesn’t compare. Plus my Max Factor one is cheaper and has a darker pigmentation. 

I didn’t find that it really thickened my lashes and because I already have long lashes couldn’t see any real lengthening either. If you really want to try the mascara, in my opinion buy it as part of a benefit collection, you will receive a miniature size tube, along with other mini benefit products, you never know you might just find a gem amongst them.

What do you think of this product? Do you think Im being a bit too harsh or would you agree, let me know :)

Much Love 

Sandy xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Shhh...Keep It Concealed!

Another review from SheSaidBeauty, this time its Benefits Erase Paste and all I can say is miracles do exist! This product has been part of my Make-Up kit for years and would be lost without it. 
I’ve loved it that much that I haven’t even properly tried any alternatives, which you could argue means how do I know it’s the best? Good point! BUT as they say why try fixing something if it isn’t broken? (cheese alert, sorry! u'll get used to it I promise haha)

Hope the review helps, Make-Up must haves, whats yours?

Much Love

Sandy xx

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Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick...Not for the colour shy!

Alongside this blog I created a profile on which I would definitely recommend to those beauty addicts out there, you know who you are! The first thing I did when I joined was review a few of my must have make up products and as a new MAC ADDICT (a bit late I know, but don’t worry girls definitely catching up quick haha) I just had to review Vegas Volt! Hope you guys find the review useful, will try to upload some real-life swatches on myself and on friends with different skin tones so you get a better idea of the pigmentation of the lipstick.
Do you lovely readers have a Must have MAC shade? I'd be really interested to know.....and maybe add to my collection, (sorry bank card, u’ve been worked hard recently I know! haha).

Where it all began! Aurora Magazine

Second blog post, think we're on a roll haha. I thought I would share one of the reasons I was drawn to blogging and to fashion writing. As part of a uni assessment recently we had to present to Aurora Fashion who are the parent company of high street retailers Warehouse, Oasis, Coast among others, we were assigned a brief and asked to present back our findings. The main topic was "Going Out for 18-25year olds", "What we choose to wear" and "What a night out means to us". And for most lets be honest its basically a piss up haha, so we had to be abit more selective with some of the information we fed back to Aurora, because we heard a few interesting stories to say the least! haha 

One sub-task of the assignment was to predict upcoming trends for Spring/Summer season 2013, I chose that to effectively present our chosen hot trends to compile a light hearted fashion magazine with a slight comic book vibe.
The two lovely ladies gave us really good feed back from the presentation and we were greeted by both of them saying WOW as we walked in (always a good start!) I have uploaded the pages of the mag with this blog, but hope to post more pics of the other element of the presentation including a makeshift boutique!

Hope you guys like the vibe of the mag and may even find it quite useful as these are genuine trend predictions taken from the runways of the most prestigious designers :)
Feedback on what you think would be much appreciated 

P.s Haven't got the official grade back form our tutor yet, so guys fingers crossed! 

Much love

Sandy xx 

A couple of pictures of mood boards we made;