Friday, 7 December 2012

Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick...Not for the colour shy!

Alongside this blog I created a profile on which I would definitely recommend to those beauty addicts out there, you know who you are! The first thing I did when I joined was review a few of my must have make up products and as a new MAC ADDICT (a bit late I know, but don’t worry girls definitely catching up quick haha) I just had to review Vegas Volt! Hope you guys find the review useful, will try to upload some real-life swatches on myself and on friends with different skin tones so you get a better idea of the pigmentation of the lipstick.
Do you lovely readers have a Must have MAC shade? I'd be really interested to know.....and maybe add to my collection, (sorry bank card, u’ve been worked hard recently I know! haha).

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