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Fashion & beauty blog for the fashionably beautiful and by that I mean YOU! Fashion and beauty is what you as an individual make of it, and that’s why there’s never really a wrong or right, except socks with sandals that’s pretty much universally regarded as a NO-NO and for good reason!

I’ll start with a small intro about myself, My name is Sandy :) and I’m currently at university studying Retail Marketing Management (fancier title for business studies to be honest) I do really enjoy it, but that’s mainly because of the people I’ve met, craziest bunch of friends EVER! And if any of them ever read this they know who they are! haha <3
As I start posting blogs you will no doubt get to know alot more about me :)

I don’t know how many countless hours I have spent reading and watching beauty gurus and fashion bloggers on the web, when I should really have been writing my reports and essays opps! I really enjoy finding out other people’s opinions on products or trends and find it all so useful and inspiring, so I thought why not give it a go.
The blog is also a way of me improving my writing skills I guess, so sorry if at first the quality isn’t so great, any advice or criticisms good or bad(be easy on me haha)are more than welcome! :)

And remember to be truly beautiful….. [Just] BeYou

(couldn’t help myself with the cheesy line at the end sorryyy lol)

Lele, Chakita, Sandy, Mansa <3

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