Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dusting The Keyboard Cobwebs Off

So Ive been in blog hibernation for more than a hot minute or so, my university tutors pretty much made sure that  the only writing I'd be doing for a while was harvard referenced (bane of my life!). But Hooray passed the 2nd year of my course so onto my 3rd and final year starting sep, this is THE year to get my head down...after one last freshers fortnight blowout of course! would be cheeky not too right? 

I have promised myslf that I will try too post on my recently neglected blog a lot more regulary. Seriously if my blog had been a clownfish it would have done like nemo and hatched its getaway plan out of the dentists office long back. 

And lovely to see I now have a follower YEY! even though it is just you Ben, being my friend you are kinda obliged anyways ;) haha

wir sehen uns bald
(see you soon)....kind of addicted to my new 'teach yourself' language app. 

Sandy xx

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